logo                                             Kuzu zangpo, Hello and Welcome!

My name is Sonam Nyenda, a former teacher at the college of Language and Culture Studies, currently a grad student at the University of Virginia and also unexpectedly someone responsible to revive and uphold 13th century Sumthrang Monastery’s lineage, culture, and tradition. Also, currently in limbo, not knowing to aspire to become an academic or a practitioner.

I did my studies in Buddhism and Bhutanese culture and consider myself as both teacher and student in this field of study. My interest in this field of study concerns Himalayan Buddhist rituals, art and text, and the intersection of these three. I am also interested in looking in how this traditional knowledge contributed to Bhutanese culture and values and how does it play greater role in contributing to reshape Bhutanese culture and practice today.

In this blog, I share my thoughts, perspectives and small researches through short essays and photo essays  with the hope to receive insights from my readers, if any. All the articles shared here are either my research works or perspectives and opinions. Therefore, I am hoping that this online sharing and learning will assist me in my development as a teacher and also a student.

Thank you for visiting my site with lots of appreciations!

Nyö Sonam Nyenda