Guhyasamājatantra:Nyo tradition

Introduction The Guhyasamājatantra known in Tibetan as gsang ‘dus rtsa rgyud is one of the most important and influential later Indian Buddhist tantra. It was translated by śraddhākaravarman[1] and Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo (958-1055) at around 1002. It has 18 chapters. The Guhyasamājatantra  is the principal scripture of the yogottaratantra or rnal ’byor bla na med [...]

Traksad Mahākāla: gnyos lugs ma

It is a great rejoice to receive a picture of Traksad Mahākāla of gnyos tradition from a Chinese friend today. The empowerment and transmission of Traksad gnyos lugs ma, which started from the great Nyö Lotsawa Yonten Dragpa(973-1113) is very alive in Jonang today. The unbroken transmission of it is lived through Nyö Gyalwa Lhanangpa [...]